Tips on Looking Retro – Chic on the Beach

Retro Look

One of the swimwear trends that has stuck around for a while is the retro-chic look. With silhouettes that hug all body shapes and sizes and with styles that are both sassy and sweet, the retro-chic look is here to stay. Perhaps the only problem with this trend may be that it can be very easy to mess up.

You can end up looking like you are trying too hard or just plain cheesy with the usual polka-dot high waist bottoms and the red halter top. There are many ways that you can capture the retro look in other subtle and unique ways that are sure to turn heads!

Here are a few tips to help you achieve the retro-chic look on the beach:

Match Prints and Textures

Mixing swimwear textures and prints has become the new normal. You can easily pair a ruffled off-the-shoulder top with high-rise bottoms. Or you can try mixing a floral print with a striped one. Even if you’re not into prints, you can try out a solid one-toned swimsuit just like the celebrities in the ‘50s did.

Separate styles are more of a modern trend, so if you are looking for that retro look, you might want to avoid mixed prints. After all, the key is to be as authentic to those fashion roots as possible!

Pay Attention to the Silhouettes

The best way to get that retro feel is high-waisted bottoms. Not only are they adorable, but they also capture the silhouettes that give the vintage aesthetic. Back in the day, swimsuits focused more on body shape rather than showing more skin. Coverage was more important, and it still gave a trendy look that everyone wanted. Just take a look at Marilyn Monroe’s famous bathing suit looks. To bring that authenticity to your beach style, try matching high-rise bottoms with a simple coverall top in the same tone. Classic looks can never go wrong!

Play with Prints

The most common mistake that people make is thinking that being retro is all about polka dots. Sure, they were a popular choice andPlay with Prints look cute occasionally, but that is very predictable. If you want your retro style to be unique, you need to explore more fun and funky patterns that are even liked today. Do not restrict yourself to oversized dots, basic black, and white stripes, or bows.

Another way to class up your retro look is by going with floral swimsuits that can be found in almost every cut there is. Or you can get bold with your choices and try something totally different. Vintage swimsuits were very risqué and included all sorts of patterns and colours. 

Modernizing the retro look is not that hard to do. You do not need to look over-the-top or cliché while trying out the vintage look. However, if you are a fan of the more common retro trends, then go for it. There is no denying that they work amazingly. Always remember, the real key is confidence!

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