Top Bikini Trends for Summer 2021

Bikini Trends 2021


As the warm weather approaches, it’s time to refresh your swimwear collection. This season, it’s clear that many trends are being resurrected from decades past, specifically from the 80s and 90s. While you can’t go wrong with classic pieces like a solid black bikini, this summer why not branch out into some more unique designs and fun colors by picking up a few new trendy bikinis? Why not take a cue from the 80s and replicate the Baywatch beach babe look with these popular and new styles? Let's take a look at some of the hottest bikini trends of summer 2021.


Tie Dye Print 

Showcase your over the top style with a colorful tie dye print bikini! When you think of tie dye, you may think of messy blobs of paint. But don’t be fooled, the new tie dye bikini trend is much more subtle with a subdued color palette and very minimal designs. Look for a bikini that has only one or two colors prominently displayed for a tie dye look that is both reminiscent of the past but reimagined in a modern, stylish and super flattering way. Tie dye bikinis look really fun and do a great job of showcasing a tan. Pastel pinks and light aquas specifically, will bring out a tan the most when mixed as a tie dye print. They also match many summer outfits! Darker color tie dye bikinis look best paired with light denim shorts and loose tank top while lighter color tie dye bikinis look best with a white flowy swimsuit cover up on top. No matter your style, tie dye bikinis are going to make you look playful and chic all summer long. 


High Waisted 

Another retro bikini trend that reigns highly from the 80s is the high waisted or high cut bikini. This bikini style is simply tried and true. It compliments so many body types by hugging the stomach and accentuating the curves in a truly flattering way. You are sure to look and feel your best in this fabulous and trendy bikini. There are so many high cut designs to choose from! You can try a high waisted bikini with a peplum waist to add a flirty and girly touch to your beach look. You can also play with different patterns like stripes to find a bikini that matches your personal style. A high waisted bikini bottom with a wide waistband can look more slimming on any frame. High waisted and high cut bikinis are super easy to style. Overall, high waisted bikinis look great under high waisted shorts because they avoid pushing into the skin and creating unflattering lines on the body since the waistbands are the same length. With so much variety available in this bikini style, you are sure to look and feel your best this summer with a new high waisted bikini!


Animal Print 

Show your wild side with an animal print bikini! Animal print has been making a huge comeback this summer and for good reason. There are so many patterns to choose from including snakeskin bikinis, cheetah print bikinis, zebra print bikinis and more. To stay on trend for this year, choose animal prints that have an earthy color palette that reflects the patterns of nature. Shades of brown, beige and stone grey will compliment your skin tone and make your summer style look fresh, new and relevant. If you are warm toned, then dark brown and black cheetah print bikinis or beige and white snakeskin bikinis will compliment your look the most. If you are cool toned, then reach for grey, silvery snakeskin print bikinis for an amazing effect on your physique. Zebra print bikinis are the most versatile and look fantastic on all skin tones because of the basic black and white color palette. This makes classic zebra print bikinis such a popular choice this summer season.


U-Ring Bandeau 

U-ring bandeaus are the bikini style you’ve been seeing all over Instagram these days! The u-ring refers to the stylish new clasp in the middle of a bikini top that is named after its resemblance to the shape of the letter “u”. What makes these bikinis unique is that the clasp adds an extra structural component to a bikini that makes it look much more luxurious than an all cloth bikini. The u-ring in a bikini typically peaks out partially so that the top of the hardware is visible which makes it a cool styling component. Gold hardware can be paired with other gold accessories like jewelry or gold tone sandals while silver hardware can be paired with a silver clutch or a strappy silver heel. U-ring bandeau bikinis in general are extremely flattering for smaller busts due to its design. The bandeau style in particular is also great for reducing tan lines since it is strapless. So get your tan on this summer with a new u-ring bandeau bikini!


Metallic Bikini 

Add some shine to your beach look with a gold or silver metallic bikini. This bikini style is for serious fashionistas that want to stand out by the pool or beach. When that sun hits your metallic color bikini, the reflection will really put a spotlight on you. It’s a perfect way to stand out at a pool party or a fun summer photoshoot. If you are warm toned, gold metallic bikinis will look splendid on you and make your body glisten in the sun. If you are cool toned, silver metallic bikinis will really show off your complexion and compliment your look. The options are endless when it comes to choosing a metallic bikini! If you stick to a bikini style that makes you look your best, getting the same design in a gold or silver, will elevate your pool look tremendously! A silver or gold bikini is the most glamorous style of this season and is guaranteed to turn heads!

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